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Israeli Fighting School for Krav Maga is the largest school for Krav Maga in Israel. The school conducts classes specially tailored for each age group. Training for young children can begin as young as five years of age. The groups for adults are separated by gender due to the particular nature of violence directed at women. Israeli Fighting School works five days a week and the chief instructor is Amazia Fensterhim. Fensterhim began his training in the school as a child and today is a senior student of Aviad Segal. He is supported by a talented and highly qualified staff all of whom grew and developed their skills within the school.


In Israeli Fighting School for Krav Maga the emphasis is on excellence. The education process is long and efficient, spanning over several years and allowing the students to thoroughly develop and hone their skills. It is our belief that to be professional and justifiably qualified each student must experience a learning process that enables them to grow, thus becoming true and excellent self-defense artists.

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