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“Israeli Fighting” is the largest school for Krav Maga in Israel. The school boasts a highly qualified staff of well experienced instructors all of whom began as students of the school. Aside from its important routine lessons, the school also provides courses and special instructions in various fields. In addition to this, “Israeli Fighting” regularly provides instructors to the IDF and the Ministry of Defence.

The school was founded by Aviad Segal, an international Krav Maga expert, with over 26 years of experince. Segal is a former senior consultant for the Ministry of Defense. As part of his work he built and implemented a training program for an elite unit in the IDF and also won the IDF championship of Krav Maga. Additionally, Segal created a specially tailored program for psychiatric care that reduced violence by 50% in Arbarbanel Mental Health Center. He is currently a partner in the creation of a documentary film about Krav Maga with Chaos Films.



Krav Maga, taught and acknowledged worldwide, is an efficient and realistic self-defense method. It was founded and developed by holocaust survivor, Imi Lichtenfeld. Lichtenfeld strived to create a system that would protect his fellow prosecuted Jews first against the growing anti-Semitism in Europe and later, in Israel, against violent Arab attacks. With the independence of the state of Israel, Krav Maga became an integral part of the IDF training program, and then ontinued its development at the hands of  Lichtenfield's most talented student, Eli Avikzer (who was, until his death in 2004, Aviad Segal's teacher).


The goal of Krav Maga is pure, simple self-defense, carefully built and constructed through a scientific approach of continuous trial and the understanding of the limitations and advantages of the human body and psychology.        



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