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Learn Krav Maga and self defense with the experts from Israel, the country where Krav Maga was developed!

Train from the comfort of your home even in lockdown!

Learn the newest, latest and most effective Krav Maga drills straight from the developers!

Be a part of an international Krav Maga community!



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At home. on Zoom.


How much

100$ per month

How did this all begin?

This past year hasn't been easy on any of us. Quarantine and social distancing has changed our way of life. In some aspects, life has changed for the better. 

This new way of life brings us all close together through the web and allows us to choose our teaches from a greater pool of options. 

Thanks to this past year, wherever you live, you can join us and train with us! location is not a barrier anymore. 

Whether you are new to Krav Maga, or advanced, you can train Krav Maga with the experts, directly from Israel, in the comfort of your home.


About iKravMaga


Founded in 2007 by Dr. Aviad Segal, in the city of Ra’anana, I-KRAVMAGA is the largest school for Krav Maga in Israel.

On March 2016, iKravMaga was chosen as a partner of creating the official Krav Maga stamp of the state of Israel.

iKravMaga school for Krav Maga continues to support the IDF with high quality Officers, soldiers and professional Krav Maga instructors.

After more then 13 years of training civilians and soldiers, with more then 10,000 students that trained with us. We are very proud of the success rate of our students who succeeded to defend themselves during real life attacks. 

Meet the team

Dr. Aviad segal (Founder)

Dr. Aviad Segal, school founder and director, brings 30 years of Krav Maga experience—including 6 years as an advisor to the Ministry of Defence. During those years he created and implemented a special program for the most elite unit in israel (Sayeret Matkal) that won the IDF Krav Maga championship. 

Dr. Segal began training Krav Maga in 1988 and got his black belt under Eli Avikzar R.I.P, the first Krav Maga expert trained by Imi LIchenfeld (Founder of Krav Maga).

Dr. Segal started the iKravMaga & Israeli Fighting school for Krav Maga in the year 2003 and until this day directs the training and development of the Krav Maga.

Dr. Segal has train to this day thousands of students and continues developing the newest and most up to date Krav Maga.

Dr. Segal is an active board member and the facilitator of the iKravMaga Development team.


Amazia Fensterheim

(Chief instructor)


Amazia Fensterheim, 3rd degree black belt expert, Ex-Special Forces, trained under Dr. Aviad Segal for 14 yeas and chief-instructor of the iKravMaga school in Israel.

Amazia, born to American parents has dedicated his life to empowering children, teenagers and adults through Krav Maga so that they too, can walk in peace.

Amazia first began training Krav Maga back in 2007 and in 2015 was chosen to lead the iKravMaga school for Self Defense in Israel by Dr. Aviad Segal.


Amazia is an active board member of the iKravMaga Development team.

Oriel Roothstein

(Senior instructor)

Oriel Roothstein, 3rd degree black belt expert, trained under Dr. Segal for 17 years, senior instructor at the iKravMaga school in Israel.

Oriel, born to South African Parents, began training Krav Maga in 2003 and got his Krav Maga instructors Diploma in 2009. Oriel is Dr. Segal's first black belt.

Between the years 2013 and 2015 Oriel was the chief instructor of the iKravMaga School in Israel.

Oriel is an active board member of the iKravMaga Development team.

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About Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the leading self-defense method worldwide and the chosen method taught in special forces and elite military units around the globe. In I-KRAVMAGA we teach over 350 self-defense drills against all possible scenarios of violence, including hand and legs attacks, choke holds, knife and stick attacks and gun threats.

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Lets answer some questions!

I don't know how to use Zoom. What should I do?

No worries! if you need help setting everything up please send us an E-mail to and ask for Zoom support. Once we have received you E-mail we will schedule a phone call and set everything up together!

I haven't worked out in years.. will I be able to join?

YES! Don't worry! Our classes are built in a way that anyone can train within his or her capabilities. You will get stronger through our classes.


I don't have any experience with martial arts.. can I join?

YES! No need for early experience. We got you covered. Trust us to teach you everything you need to know.

How much space do I need for the classes?

We have people who train in a small bedroom. The more room you have the more comfortable you will be, but we do not need a big space. as long as you can take 3 steps to each direction, you are set!


When I visit Israel, can I come train with you?

YES!! PLEASE DO! We would love to see you visit Israel and train with us in our school! Can't wait to see you!

Can I train alone or do I need a partner?

we prepare the classes for both scenarios. You can do either. anyhow, we do recommend having a training partner.

what do I need for class?

Computer, Internet connection, a Camera, a Microphone, comfortable cloths, a Smartphone, and the will to learn.



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