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Israeli Fighting School for Krav Maga offers a variety of courses that were specifically built to meet the needs and purposes of each target audience. One of the basic beliefs of Israeli Fighting School for Krav Maga is that the material that is taught must be a suitable tool for its students. We specialise in creating customised programs for every demographic. All courses were created by Aviad Segal and are coordinated by Amazia Fensterheim.



This course offers a life-changing experience, aiming for the self-empowerment of its participants.  The personal and spiritual nature of the learning experience enables participants to experience and understand of the real essence of Krav Maga and the Israeli spirit. The program is customized to suit the specific age, gender, experience and interests of each group. Training partakes in a number of locations throughout the country and is combined with visits to important and interesting sights in Israel.



This course gives professional tools to security guards. The focus is to teach safe and appropriate ways to approach a hostile situation while causing minimum harm to any hostile people and their surroundings. The course includes methods of disarming and gaining control over hostile people, the psychology behind the various types of conflicts and how to calmly prevent physical violence in the heat of a dispute. We offer 4 different security guard courses: Bodyguards, Security of Embassies and Government Offices, Security of Night Clubs and Cruise Ship Guards. Additional courses can be created on request.



This course focuses on preventing harm for both the patient and carer when a patient behaves violently and aggressively. Through this course, the staff is taught how to stop a patient from hurting themselves or others without causing physical harm to the patient. The course covers the simple and effective methods to control a patient with minimum force, and the right steps the staff must take while approaching a problematic patient. This course had been created upon the request of the Ababanel Mental Hospital and at the time that it was implemented it reduced injury to staff and patients by 50%. The staff also claimed that the course helped raise their self-confidence and overall well-being.

This course aims to teach all the basic defenses against knife threats and attacks. It was created due to an increasing amount of knife attacks in Israel (in schools, bars and terrorist attacks). The ready availability of the knife and its lethal consequences makes  this course a life-saving experince.


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