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Learn how to defend yourself in 30 min
All the most importand principles and skills you need in one online course from the #1 Krav Maga School in Israel for only 25$
Its true isn't it?
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Every woman understands why self defense is important.

But not every woman has the time and capability to invest 2-3 hours a week on classes.


Being busy shouldn't mean risking your safety!

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What will you learn?
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What are Neutrallizing points and how to use them to overcome an attacker
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How to notice and use the surprise element before and during an attack
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What are "Exit Points" and how they will save your life
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How to overcome internal blocks
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what are the 7 strikes that can stop any attacker and how to use them
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How to escape from grabs, chokes and holds
Meet your instructors!
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Dr. Aviad Segal
Meet Aviad Segal! Dr. Segal is the founder of the iKRAVMAGA School for Krav Maga, the biggest Krav Maga center in Israel. Dr. Segal has more then 30 years of experience and was chosen to build and lead the Krav Maga training for the #1 special forces unit in Israel "Sayeret Matkal". In addition, Dr. Segal consults movie producers, mental health hospitals, and the state of Israel in matters of Krav Maga.
Amazia fensterheim ikravmaga.png
Amazia Fensterheim
Meet Amazia Fensterheim! Amazia is the Chief instructor of the iKRAVMAGA school in Israel. Amazia is an expert in Krav Maga with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to leading iKRAVMAGA, Amazia is an NLP therapist and trainer  who regularly consults the IDF in matters of mental preparation for combat.
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A message from us

Welcome!. After more than 3 decades of training, teaching and developing Krav Maga, more than 10,000 students who have learned from us, and hundreds of people who have successfully implemented the Krav Maga we teach during real life threats, we are super excited to compile three decades worth of experience, in 30 minutes. 


Through this program, you will learn the most important, and life saving principles of self defence for women. 


This entire course is built with respect for your life and your time. These are the exact principles and techniques we teach in our face to face course for women. If you go through this program, you will learn how to handle yourself during a real life threat.


In addition to this course, you will join an online community where you will be able to ask any question you might have! 


Good luck and enjoy!


Best wishes

Aviad and Amazia

How does it work?
Step 1

Using the "Start Now" Butten you can register and start your self defense jurney. It wont take more then 3 minutes.

Step 2

Now that you started your journey, invest 30 min or 6 blocks of 5 min, and see how this knowledge allows you to walk in peace and live a life of power and certainty. 

Step 3

Any question you have you can ask us using a special group where we can all interact, share and learn as a community. 

Frequently asked Questions
How will I know if it works?
The coolest part of the program is the understanding and knowledge you get of how to handle yourself and what to do during and before an attack / threat. What you will notice is that the more you go over the program, the more you will be able to focus on action, instead of fear. If you will notice the potential threat, instead of thinking of the bad things that will happen to you, you will find yourself focusing on the right way to handle the situation. That is where confidence comes from!
Are there any refunds?
Nope. We believe in commitment. We believe once you commit and decide to learn and grow, you will utilize this program the best way possible. 
Is 30 Min really enough??
Depends for what. If you want to learn the basic and lifesaving principles the work, without spending hours over hours on training - YES!

If you are here, then you care about saving your life more then being a professional fighter. When we give face to face courses, this is what we teach. the more we train, the more we go over and over what you learn here. 

personally, we recommend going through this program al least twice a month. Every time you listen to it, you implement and remember more of it. 

It is time to take action. This is for you. You deserve this.
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