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Israeli Fighting School for Krav Maga offers consulting services to large organizations and institutes, both private and government run (such as: police forces, military units and hospitals). The aim of consulting is to build and implement a long-standing program that will be self-sufficient once the consulting period is up. To ensure that the material taught provides a worthy tool to the organization requiring it and to maintain a high standard, the consulting period spans over a long period of time. In addition to the consulting services, the client-organization can request the training of an instructor or instructors from within the organization.


Among our previous clients we have built and implemented a Krav Maga program for an elite unit of the IDF and an innovative Krav Maga program for the staff of the Abarbanel Mental Health Center.


In addition to long-term consultations, Israeli Fighting School for Krav Maga also provides its services to feature films and television. The consulting includes plotting of fight-action sequences and the training of actors off and on set.


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